This Privacy Notice (which may also be referred to as the Privacy Policy) sets out how the personal data of our visitors is processed, as well as the client’s rights in relation to this personal data.


In this document, Ltd is the controller of the client’s personal data. Any questions that may arise in relation to this Privacy Notice must be addressed to us in writing.


This Privacy Notice is in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”) and other governing laws of the Republic of Cyprus.




We collect your data as follows:


1.From information / documents provided to us directly
2.From information / documents provided to us by your company or your reseller
3.From our recorded written or digital communications with you
4. Through your agents, consultants, intermediaries and custodians of your assets
5.Via public organizations or other third parties
6.From publicly available sources or background checks performed on you
7. From business cards
8.With cookies on our website




1.Name and contact details
2.Financial information such as income, expenses, assets and liabilities, sources of wealth, bank account details, etc.
3.Authentication data such as citizenship, tax ID, identity / passport data, place of residence, etc.
4 recommendation letters
5 summary
6.Personal information such as marital status or personal circumstances, where appropriate
7.Information regarding anti-money laundering legislation
8.Information about your public status
9.Any other information you can provide to us
10. Information to help us offer you the best service




1.Customer consent
2.Performance of the contract
3.Vital interests of the data subject
4.The legitimate interests of the data controller, such as network and information security, fraud prevention, etc.
5 public interest or exercise of official authority




1.Employees of the firm are linked to the GDPR
2.Service providers (banks, public authorities, legal, financial institutions), if necessary and appropriate to achieve the objectives set out above
3.Firm branches, partners, agents, subcontractors
4.Judicial bodies or tribunals
5. Third parties related to marketing or social events
6 law enforcement agencies where necessary and appropriate
7 Regulators or other government or regulatory agents with a legal right or legitimate interest in personal data
8.State registers
9. International recipients, solely for the purpose of providing the services specified in the agreement between the Client and us. International data processing is strictly subject to the express consent of the Client and only concerns countries approved by the European Commission.




1.Right to be informed
2.The right to access your personal data
3.Right to have your personal data rectified
4.The right to delete your personal data, except in the case of a legal basis for further processing
5.Right to restrict processing
6.Right to data portability
7.Right to object
8.Right not be subject to decision automation such as profiling


DATA STORE Ltd stores all personal data of subjects that have been collected in accordance with the Data Retention Policy. Ltd creates a personal data protection file for each client and retains it until the purposes for which the data were collected are fulfilled. After achieving these goals, personal data is stored at our discretion for a maximum of six (6) years, in accordance with the current legislation of the European Union and the Republic of Cyprus, and after this period the file is destroyed.




Under the new legislation, data subjects should be able to withdraw their consent at any time, just as easily as when providing it. The consent of the data subjects must be:

1.Free provided
4 unambiguous
5 balanced


Please note that you have the right to revoke your consent at any time by sending us an email to the following email address:


MARKETING Ltd may send you marketing emails or invitations regarding our services and legal information that may be of interest to you. Your personal data should not be passed on to third parties for commercial and marketing reasons. If you would like to receive marketing notifications from us, please contact us at the following email address:




In the extremely unlikely event of a security breach that could result in accidental or unlawful destruction and / or unauthorized disclosure of data, the Data Controller of Ltd will send written notice to the relevant Client and Data Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus within seventy two (72) hours , from the moment of realizing the violation.
Your safety is important to us, and therefore Ltd has created a special mechanism for detecting violations. The measures taken by our data protection officer are listed below:


1.Detecting violation
5.Regular testing and evaluation
6.Procedures for the timely restoration of availability and access in the event of a technical error




Our Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) is an employee of Ltd responsible for collecting and processing personal data provided by our Clients.


You can contact our Data Protection Officer, DPO, at the following email address:


For any complaints, you can also contact the Data Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus on the page below:




This Privacy Notice is subject to change to comply with laws regarding privacy and personal data. Any updates will appear on the Ltd. website.


The last privacy notice was updated on January 1, 2021.